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Southport has been made to make a forced changed ahead of it’s Grand Final showdown with Sydney at Fankhauser Reserve on Sunday.

Tom Ellard comes out of the side due to injury and will miss the season decider, with Brenton Payne his replacement.

Sydney has also been made to make three forced changes with AFL-listed trio Robbie Fox, Harry Marsh and Gary Rohan all ineligible under NEAFL rules after the Swans’ AFL side were knocked out of the finals last week.

See the full teams below.


2018 Tribal Sport NEAFL Finals Series – Week 3

Sunday, September 16, 2018


Southport Sharks v Sydney Swans at Fankhauser Reserve, 1pm
*This match will be streamed live on NEAFL TV (
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B: 45. Ethan Reeves* 14. Brodie Murdoch 12. Rhys Clark
HB: 15. Jordan Taylor 7. Ryan Davis 8. Seb Tape
C: 34. Tyler Roos 5. Andrew Boston 32. Tom Wilkinson
HF: 4. Michael Manteit 19. Josh Baxter 33. Matt Doran
F: 46. Josh Hall 17. Mitch Johnson 21. Wade Hancock
Foll: 23. Jed Turner 10. Josh Clayton 28. Rob Clements
Inter: 16. Lee Dale 27. Jack O’Shea 6. Dylan Fyfe 3. Brenton Payne 26. Cody Filewood
Emer: 39. Anthony Djurovitch 43. Jaicob Kenny 31. Brandon Chadwick
In: 3. Brenton Payne
Out: 13. Tom Ellard (injured)

*Denotes 23rd player


B: 51. Conor Flanagan 48. Kyle Veerhuis 53. Kyle McKellar
HB: 33. Ryley Stoddart 21. Jack Maibaum 56. Joey Reinhard
C: 52. Josh Stern 45. Angus Styles 1. James Rose
HF: 41. Jake Brown 34. Jordan Dawson 50. Sam Wicks
F: 55. Bailey Stewart 58. Mitchell Rogers 49. Cooper Kilpatrick
Foll: 17. Darcy Cameron 32. James Bell 38. Colin O’Riordan
Inter: 60. Hamish Ellem 47. Ky McGrath 59. Josh Rayner 54. Jeremy Schumack
Emer: 57. Michael Carroll 19. Luke Parks 46. Dylan Smith
In: 34. Jordan Dawson 54. Jeremy Shumack 59. Josh Rayner
Out: 42. Robbie Fox (ineligible) 31. Harrison Marsh (ineligible)­ 16. Gary Rohan (ineligible)




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