NEAFL MVP winner Jordan Keras will be the favourite to win the Doc Mackenzie Medal. Photo: TJ Yelds/NEAFL.



Southport midfielder Jordan Keras and Sydney University star Lewis Stevenson have jumped to equal first on the NEAFL MVP leaderboard in a round where votes were spread across all clubs.

No player polled more than eight votes as Keras (three) and Stevenson (five) rose to the top of the pack at the conclusion of Round 3.

Keras, 23, has shone in a Sharks side yet to post a win this season. He leads the NEAFL in disposals after adding another 29 against Brisbane on Saturday, and is ranked second in fantasy points.

Stevenson collected 24 disposals and a goal in the Students’ 57-point win over Redland, sharing the most votes for the match alongside teammate Jonathan Williams and Redland ruckman Craig Malone.

Brisbane trio Liam Dawson, Jake Barrett and Ryan Harwood all attracted six votes in the Lions’ 59-point win over the Sharks.

GIANTS ruckman Dawson Simpson (six) led the voting against Canberra, with Demons midfielder Sam Martyn the next best with five.

Josh Schoenfeld polled the highest votes of the round with eight, after his 30 disposals and a goal in the Suns’ 14-point over Aspley.

Keras was the only player from the Top 10 last week to poll votes this round, with four Sydney University players – Stevenson, Williams, Matt Rawlinson, and Damien Bonney – entering the Top 10 for the first time.

Meanwhile, Zach Sproule has jumped to the top of the NEAFL Goakicking Award after his one major against the Demons, leading by one goal over four-time winner Darren Ewing.

The NEAFL MVP Award is presented to the player uniquely judged the best in the competition by a combination of umpire and coaches votes.

The votes are submitted post-game cast on a 5-4-3-2-1 basis. As such, the maximum amount of votes a single player can earn per match is 10 – courtesy of the maximum five votes from both umpires and coaches.

The progress of the MVP voting is published on the NEAFL website for the first 16 rounds of the season, but withheld from that point on until the winner is revealed at the end of season awards night.

You can read more on the history of the award here.



Brisbane v Southport

6: Liam Dawson (Brisbane)
6: Jake Barrett (Brisbane)
6: Ryan Harwood (Brisbane)
4: Blake Grewar (Brisbane)
3: Jordan Keras (Southport)
3: Ben Keays (Brisbane)
2: Fraser Thurlow (Southport)

Sydney University v Redland

5: Lewis Stevenson (Sydney Uni)
5: Jonathan Williams (Sydney Uni)
5: Craig Malone (Redland)
5: Damien Bonney (Sydney Uni)
4: Matt Rawlinson (Sydney Uni)
3: Damian Steven (Redland)
2: Ned Reinhard (Sydney Uni)
1: Boyd Bailey (Redland)

Canberra v GIANTS

6: Dawson Simpson (Giants)
5: Sam Martyn (Canberra)
4: Mitch Hardie (Canberra)
4: Kade Klemke (Canberra)
3: Daniel Lloyd (Giants)
3: Isaac Taylor (Canberra)
3: Andrew Swan (Canberra)
2: Harry Perryman (Giants)

Aspley v Gold Coast

8: Josh Schoenfeld (Gold Coast)
5: Trent McKenzie (Gold Coast)
5: Callum Ah Chee (Gold Coast)
3: James Ives (Aspley)
3: Reece Toye (Aspley)
2: Darcy Macpherson (Gold Coast)
2: Brad Scheer (Gold Coast)
1: Dan Currie (Gold Coast)
1: Gavin Grose (Aspley)



13: Jordan Keras (Southport)
13: Lewis Stevenson (Sydney Uni)
12: Matt Rawlinson (Sydney Uni)
11: Matt Payne (Aspley)
10: Archie Smith (Brisbane)
10: Jordan Harper (Canberra)
10: Damien Bonney (Sydney Uni)
10: Jonathan Williams (Sydney Uni)


11: Zach Sproule (Giants)
10: Darren Ewing (NT Thunder)
8: Jackson Paine (Redland)
8: Damien Bonney (Sydney Uni)
7: Josh Bennett (Canberra)
7: Adam Sambono (NT Thunder)
6: James Rose (Sydney)
6: Cameron Leorsch (Gold Coast)
6: Matt Hammelmann (Brisbane)



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