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THE NEAFL Most Valuable Player Award is presented to the player uniquely judged the best in the competition by a combination of umpire and coaches votes.

The votes are submitted post-game cast on a 5-4-3-2-1 basis. As such, the maximum amount of votes a single player can earn per match is 10 – courtesy of the maximum five votes from both umpires and coaches.

The progress of the MVP voting is published on the NEAFL website for the first 16 rounds of the season, but withheld from that point on until the winner is revealed at the end of season awards night.

You can read more on the history of the award here.



Gold Coast v Sydney

9: Darcy Cameron (Sydney)
8: Dan Robinson (Sydney)
7: Colin O’Riordan (Sydney)
4: James Rose (Sydney)
2: Peter Wright (Gold Coast)

Sydney University v Aspley

7: Ryan Hebron (Sydney Uni)
7: Craig Bird (Sydney Uni)
5: Gavin Grose (Aspley)
4: Andrew Swallow (Aspley)
4: Ben Warren (Aspley)
3: Jake Spencer (Aspley)

Redland v Southport

8: Josh Clayton (Southport)
7: Ryan Davis (Southport)
5: Michael Manteit (Southport)
4: Jack Rolls (Redland)
3: Adrian Williams (Redland)
2: Matt Hammelmann (Redland)
1: Craig Malone (Redland)

Canberra v NT Thunder

7: Mitch Maguire (Canberra)
7: Abraham Ankers (NT Thunder)
6: Tom Highmore (Canberra)
5: Alex Smout (Canberra)
4: Jacob Turner (Canberra)
1: Isaac Taylor (Canberra)



51: Mitch Maguire (Canberra)
50: Josh Clayton (Southport)
46: Andrew Boston (Southport)
45: Matthew Payne (Aspley)
41: Dan Robinson (Sydney)
40: Tom Bell (Brisbane)
37: Andrew Swallow (Aspley)
35: Nic Newman (Sydney)
35: Craig Bird (Sydney Uni)
34: Alex Smout (Canberra)



38: Matt Hammelmann (Redland)
31: Mitch Johnson (Southport)
28: Darren Ewing (NT Thunder)
22: Jono Freeman (Aspley)
21: Jacob Derickx (Sydney Uni)
20: Jackson Paine (Redland)
20: Wade Hancock (Southport)
19: Adam Sambono (NT Thunder)
16: James Rose (Sydney)
15: Darcy Cameron (Sydney)


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