Aspley's Brandon Batchelor celebrates a goal against Brisbane. Photo: David Layden/NEAFL.



Brandon Batchelor returns to Aspley’s lineup as it prepares to host ladder leaders Southport at Graham Rd in a blockbuster contest on Saturday afternoon.

Batchelor is the Hornets only change, with Brad Dale omitted for the 1.30pm match.

The Sharks have lost Dylan Mutu and Jordan Taylor (both injured), with Tom Ellard and Jaicob Kenny their replacements.

Meanwhile, Canberra has brought back defender Ben Halse and forward Jacob Turner for its big battle with Sydney at Phillip Oval. Sam Tonkes and Luke Robertson (both omitted) are out.

The Swans have named an extended bench due to their AFL side playing on Sunday, with Jack Maibaum, Harry Marsh and Toby Pink all injured.

Both Gold Coast and the GIANTS have been hit hard at the selection table ahead of a must-win game to keep their finals aspirations alive.

The SUNS lose Matthew Rosa (injured), Jack Leslie (AFL), Pearce Hanley (AFL) and Ben Ainsworth (AFL), whilst the GIANTS will debut four new players to cover the losses of AFL-listed players Matt De Boer (AFL), Aiden Bonar (AFL), Tim Mohr (injured) and Jack Buckley (injured).

Captain Hayden Bertoli-Simmonds is a welcome boost to Redland ahead of its clash with NT Thunder in Darwin on Saturday night.

Luke O’Sullivan is another handy inclusion alongside Lions Academy members Jesse Quint and Jai Kennealy. Experienced duo Adam Boon and Damian Steven (both unavailable) are the forced changes.

Experienced troops Cameron Ilett, Matt Campbell and Braedon McLean are back in for NT Thunder, with Malcolm Rosas set for his NEAFL debut.

See the full Round 19 teams below.


NEAFL Round 19

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Gold Coast SUNS (8th) v GIANTS (7th) at Metricon Stadium, 10.45am
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B: 52. Ryan Gilmore 55. Dirk Koenen 49. Brodie Foster
HB: 57. Kwaby Boakye 51. Bailey Scott 45. Jacob Dawson
C: 40. Jacob Heron 20. Michael Barlow 18. Bradley Scheer
HF: 43. Max Spencer 36. Joshua Schoenfeld 54. Tui Lowah
F: 60. Jackson Brumley 34. Cooper Portelli 46. Fitzroy Greenwool
Foll: 58. Caleb Graham 50. Emmanuel Baru 42. Cory Beaman
Inter: 53. Kane Haua 56. Dean Katsiris 47. Timakoi Bowie 48. Lachlan McDonald 2. Jack Scrimshaw
Emer: Jarrod Mills Ari Miles
In: 40. Jacob Heron 34. Cooper Portelli 56. Dean Katsiris 53. Kane Haua 60. Jackson Brumley 42. Cory Beaman
Out: 56. Hewago Paul – Oea (Academy) 3. Matthew Rosa (injured) 21. Jack Leslie (AFL) 1. Pearce Hanley (AFL) 53. Connor Budarick (Academy) 9. Ben Ainsworth (AFL)


B: 48. Guy Richardson 34. Max Beaumont 52. Rhys Pollock
HB: 49. Shaun Driscoll 35. Luke Vella 13. Isaac Cumming
C: 54. Riley Budd 40. Riley Bice 45. James Peatling
HF: 53. Will Clark 44. Kieren Briggs 41. Edward Cole
F: 50. Tyh Evans 28. Zach Sproule 47. Nick Murray
Foll: 42. Jake Stein 36. Harry Perryman 46. Dylan Addison
Inter: 38. Daniel Lloyd 25. Lachlan Keeffe 31. Jeremy Finlayson 43. Dylan Buckley 55. Ryan Hebron
Emer: Matt Wilson Tom Boyd Nathan Coxall
In: 34. Max Beaumont 35. Luke Vella 40. Riley Bice 41. Edward Cole 46. Dylan Addison 47. Nick Murray 55. Ryan Hebron
Out: 24. Matt De Boer (AFL) 10. Aiden Bonar (AFL) 39. Tim Mohr (injured) 47. Liam Delahunty (omitted) 41. Jack Buckley (injured) 51. Tom Green (omitted)

New: 40. Riley Bice 41. Edward Cole 47. Nick Murray 55. Ryan Hebron


Canberra Demons (2nd) v Sydney Swans (4th) at Phillip Oval, 12pm
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B: 35. Tom Highmore 2. Alex Paech 18. Angus Baker
HB: 25. Sam Martyn 15. Jack Baker 6. Kade Klemke
C: 45. Harrison Carr* 24. Alex Smout 9. Jack Powell
HF: 4. Aaron Bruce 11. Jacob Turner 16. Mitch Hardie
F: 17. Jarrod Osborne 30. Tom Faul 23. Ben Fulford
Foll: 42. Cameron Milne 8. Mitch Maguire 1. Isaac Taylor
Inter: 19. Nathan Richards 21. Matt Vardanega 7. Connor Owen-Auburn 5. Nick Collins 29. Ben Halse
Emer: 6. Sam Tonkes 12. Luke McKay 28. Nathan Oakes
In: 29. Ben Halse 11. Jacob Turner
Out: 26. Sam Tonkes (omitted) 34. Luke Robertson (omitted)

*Denotes 23rd player


B: 51. Conor Flanagan 57. Michael Carroll 58. Mitchell Rogers
HB: 38. Colin O’Riordan 33. Ryley Stoddart 1. James Rose
C: 55. Bailey Stewart 45. Angus Styles 49. Cooper Kilpatrick
HF: 54. Kyle Veerhuis 42. Robbie Fox 53. Kyle McKellar
F: 41. Jake Brown 46. Joel Amartey 50. Sam Wicks
Foll: 59. Zach Cameron 32. James Bell 52. Josh Stern
Inter (from): 34. Jordan Dawson 22. Dean Towers 11. Tom Papley 4. Dan Hannebery 28. Nic Newman 16. Gary Rohan 17. Darcy Cameron 27. Dan Robinson
Emer: 56. Joey Reinhard
In: 42. Robbie Fox 38. Colin O’Riordan 27. Daniel Robinson 16. Gary Rohan 1. James Rose 34. Jordan Dawson 11. Tom Papley 4. Dan Hannebery 28. Nic Newman 57. Michael Carroll 59. Zachery Cameron 53. Kyle McKellar 54. Kyle Veerhuis
Out: 21. Jack Maibaum (injured) 31. Harrison Marsh (injured) 47. Toby Pink (injured) 56. Joey Reinhard (omitted) 19. Harry Parker (omitted) 57. Luke Parks (omitted) 49. Josh Rayner (omitted) 48. Max Ries (omitted) 51. Sam Thorne (omitted) 60. Hamish Ellem (omitted)


Aspley Hornets (5th) v Southport Sharks (1st) at Graham Rd, 1.30pm
*This match will be streamed live on NEAFL TV (
*Live Champion Data statistics available on the Official NEAFL App


B: 11. Jackson Allen 31. Gavin Grose 18. Jordon Arnold
HB: 5. Ben Warren 21. Jack Stanley 20. Lonnie Hampton
C: 2. Henry Joyce 9. Andrew Swallow 28. Jordan Hayden
HF: 3. James Ives 32. Connor Stackelberg 25. James Nelis
F: 12. Reece Toye 17. Jonathan Freeman 26. William Gowers
Foll: 14. Jake Spencer 36. Jonathan Giles 8. Matthew Payne
Inter: 7. Blake Nelis 41. Jasper Craven* 40. Jack Coghlan 6. Brandon Batchelor 29. Billy Beardsell
Emer: 35. Brad Dale 27. Luca Mason 37. William Fletcher
In: 6. Brandon Batchelor
Out: 35. Brad Dale (omitted)

*Denotes 23rd player


B: 45. Ethan Reeves 14. Brodie Murdoch 43. Jaicob Kenny*
HB: 37. Daniel Charlesworth 12. Rhys Clark 8. Seb Tape
C: 34. Tyler Roos 5. Andrew Boston 32. Tom Wilkinson
HF: 4. Michael Manteit 19. Josh Baxter 33. Matt Doran
F: 7. Ryan Davis 17. Mitch Johnson 21. Wade Hancock
Foll: 46. Josh Hall 10. Josh Clayton 41. Kai Sheers
Inter: 16. Lee Dale 27. Jack O’Shea 6. Dylan Fyfe 20. Tom Howard 13. Tom Ellard
Emer: 23. Jed Turner 39. Anthony Djurovitch 11. Noa Corbett
In: 13. Tom Ellard 43. Jaicob Kenny
Out: 24. Dylan Mutu (injured) 15. Jordan Taylor (injured)

*Denotes 23rd player


NT Thunder (9th) v Redland (10th) at TIO Stadium, 6.30pm
*This match will be streamed live on ThunderVision (


B: 33. Matt Campbell 45. Sam Dyke 19. Braedon McLean
HB: 17. Joe Anderson 28. Tom Davies 26. Sam Smith
C: 3. Ben Rioli 24. Abraham Ankers 31. Matthew Green
HF: 56. Malcolm Rosas 14. Hugo Drogemuller 21. Chris Williams
F: 6. Jarrod Stokes 2. Darren Ewing 10. Shannon Rioli
Foll: 20. Jack Monigatti 46. Patrick Boles 16. Cameron Ilett
Inter: 54. Izaak Wyatt 55. Dominic Forbes* 23. Richard Tambling 35. Tim Brook 30. Sam Talbot
Emer: 52. Coen Hutt 53. Beau Schwarze 13. Tylah Saunders
In: 16. Cameron Ilett 31. Matthew Green 56. Malcolm Rosas 19. Braedon McLean 33. Matt Campbell
Out: 29. Kaine Riley (omitted) 37. Liam Patrick (unavailable) 5. Michael Mummery (injured) 49. Nick Yarran (injured) 53. Beau Schwarze (omitted)

New: 56. Malcolm Rosas

*Denotes 23rd player


B: 12. Scott Miller 21. Luke O’Sullivan 11. Stephen Mills
HB: 4. Peter Yagmoor 41. Adrian Williams 10. Hayden Bertoli-Simmonds
C: 7. Brad Howard 44. Tom Salter 42. Tom Matthews
HF: 3. Matt Thomson 13. Clay Cameron 23. Jesse Quint*
F: 35. Boyd Bailey 8. Matt Hammelmann 39. Jackson Paine
Foll: 19. Craig Malone 14. Jack Rolls 24. Jai Kennealy
Inter: 1. Aaron Christensen 9. Mitch Stallard 32. Ryan Dadds 34. Harrison Kerr 38. Jai Lyons
Emer: 22. Jonah Licht 28. Brendan Telford 37. Tyler Hausfeld
In: 10. Hayden Bertoli-Simmonds 21. Luke O’Sullivan 23. Jesse Quint 24. Jai Kennealy 34. Harrison Kerr 38. Jai Lyons
Out: 45. Adam Boon (unavailable) 16. James Barnes (omitted) 17. Kailem Baker (omitted) 18. Damian Steven (unavailable) 22. Jonah Licht (omitted) 27. Jack Goodall (omitted)

*Denotes 23rd player


Bye: Sydney University, Brisbane.


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